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Fortunately, a number of beautiful crabapple varieties are resistant to one or more of these diseases.
The proximity of the crabapple tree to the building may have influenced the number of window collisions.
Thursday, May 5, around noon: Police begin the search of a third house in Crabapple Close on the Gurnos Estate.
More than 100 people watched as a specialist police team arrived at the Crabapple Close house, where uniformed officers kept guard and dogs trained to find human remains were deployed.
Woods, defending the title he won at Mount Juliet in Ireland last year and going for an incredible eighth world title in 15 starts, had increased his lead to five with three birdies in his first seven holes at the Capital City Club Crabapple course.
As others in the 72-strong field came to grief yesterday - most notably Darren Clarke with an 82 - Woods took command with a sparkling 66 at the Capital City Club Crabapple course.
The 23-year-old had a fiveunder-par 65 at the colourfullynamed Capital City Club Crabapple for a one-stroke advantage over Americans Tim Herron and Rocco Mediate as others, Colin Montgomerie among them, struggled.
The chorus line of crabapple trees / So bare just now / In that season of skin and bone / Stand, with upturned limbs / Like Cretan princesses on the point / Of beginning the ritual"--Nancy Nahra.
The Wooster arboretum has one of the oldest and best collections of Japanese yew trees in the world and one of the largest collections of crabapple trees in the country.
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NTID's 25th anniversary symbol, the flowering crabapple tree, represents the growth of NTID's students and the strength of Institute programs.