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The move, affecting around 160,000 houses, will mean councils can take further action to crack down on unscrupulous landlords renting sub-standard and overcrowded homes.
The Ministry of Public Security will crack down on illegal profiteering in the name of foreign-marriage brokering, he said.
Mr Gauke added: "We're strengthening their ability to crack down on crooks stealing from taxpayers.
Morsi, viewed as a conservative Islamic leader, has received some criticism from hardliners within his political base over his handling of the military response to the attacks, which showed his willingness to crack down on Islamist groups.
Hamas has responded to Egypt's request to crack down on the Army of Islam and prevent its forces from infiltrating through the tunnels into Egypt, Egypt's Al Masry al Youm reported.
Summary: DUBAI - The Criminal Investigation Department and police stations in Dubai have jointly chalked out plans to crack down on certain common but illegal practices which surface during the Holy Month of Ramadan like begging and theft.
Summary: David Cameron has promised that a Conservative government would crack down on waste and excessive bureaucracy.
The home of Bulgaria's Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, is under tight police guard over alleged threats from the mafia after he led a recent crack down on organized crime.
And he said the 'WildWest' era of the internet was in someways coming to an end, with firms starting to crack down, although many had still not quite grasped the situation.
It is great to crack down on illegal users of Dreambox.
Officers have launched Operation Redact to crack down on alcoholrelated crime and drug use on Harborne High Street.