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Obviously, Geoff Evans (head of athletic performance) is in overall charge of the conditioning work, but I do have a big role to play on this front and I do have to crack the whip a bit.
In the midst of a horrible two-month slump that has threatened the Lakers' entire season, Jackson's players asked for more discipline - for him to crack the whip and act like, well, an unprintable word.
However, with a big derby tussle against Chelsea coming up on Monday evening, Tigana will continue to crack the whip for a little while longer.
Taming and civilizing such an unwieldy spatial behemoth is never easy, but Grimshaw manages to crack the whip with a good deal of rigour and style.
He was always there, smiling and trying to crack the whip," says Jose Rodriguez Lopez, technical director at the complex.
It would be futile to crack the whip over the team now,' he said.