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The Cracked channel features both daily videos and long-running series, including the popular After Hours, Honest Ads and the recent hit Were Not Alone.
The model also assumes the behavior of the cracked material as a continuum, the material is considered isotropic before cracking, and orthotropic prior to the development of cracks.
An earlier extensive literature review on the vibration of cracked structures could be found in the paper of Dimarogonas [1] in 1996.
If the cracked particlesize or the debonded particle area is comparable to characteristic microstructure sizes such as dendrite cells (in coarse microstructure) or grain size (in fine microstructure), then the fatigue crack immediately propagates like a long crack.
The fundamental theory of concrete design assumes the concrete is cracked, and a cracked concrete section is not weaker than an uncracked concrete section.
Another problem is that current methods may unnecessarily remove eggs that are thought to be cracked but really aren't--what scientists call a "false positive.
Nobody wants to buy a carton of eggs containing some that are cracked.
2 : to break often without completely separating into parts <The ice cracked in several places.
In early 1970s, more and more attention on the dynamic behavior of cracked rotors has been investigated increasingly from different points of view.
The most devastating aspect of stress corrosion cracking is that by the time you realize it is happening the mold is cracked all the way through and is ruined.
But with budgets even tighter now, extending the life of cracked road surfaces has never been more necessary.
In January 1999, a group of computer enthusiasts cracked a DES key in 22 hours.