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United Biscuits celebrated the factory's centenary back in 2014 - andAintreeremains the primary producer of Jacob's products in the UK, including cream crackers and Twiglets.
BULLDOG ORIGINAL MOISTURISER CRACKER PS6 each, Boots WE'RE not saying a man shouldn't indulge in a popcorn-scented body lotion, but beauty crackers do tend to be skewed towards ladies' desires.
Joules Crackers, PS10 for four, Boots Inside these pretty printed crackers from Joules, you'll find a bath fizzer, hand cream, lip balm or a pair of soaps.
95 NO corny jokes inside, but each arty-looking cracker does include two delicious gianduiotti chocolates, a fun trivia game and, of course, a paper hat.
IT'S A CRACKER: 5/10 Essential 12 Christmas Crackers, Waitrose, PS5 Classy looking, but the bang was more of a whimper.
Crackers are the perfect partner to a cup of soup, a convenient base for appetizers, and a tasty snack on their own.
And retailers should not be afraid to get a little creative with own-brand cookie and cracker packaging.
Naming crackers after politicians is nothing new in Bihar.
Boxes of freshly baked crackers are stored in a warehouse vault (a safe
60% Less Fat than the Leading Potato Chip," says the bag of Pepperidge Farm Multi-Grain Cracker Chips.
These nutrient-dense, crunchy crackers offer plenty of nutritional rewards, rather than the empty-calorie feasting so commonly found in the cracker section of the supermarket.
One good way to promote your cracker selection and increase sales is to use them in a variety of ways throughout the store.