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The Long Lane factory produces millions of cream crackers each year - with more than half a billion individual Jacob's crackers sold each year.
Joules Crackers, PS10 for four, Boots Inside these pretty printed crackers from Joules, you'll find a bath fizzer, hand cream, lip balm or a pair of soaps.
It's the bang, joke and hat that are vital when it comes to Christmas crackers.
Crackers are the perfect partner to a cup of soup, a convenient base for appetizers, and a tasty snack on their own.
Health tweaks, as well as flavor and format innovations, could keep store brand cookies and crackers in growth mode.
Ahead of the festival of light, crackers named after PM Modi are selling like hot cakes in the state.
The crackers are baked into cubes that look like little safes.
Rawalpindi -- Rawalpindi Police has decided to take action against those who are involve in fire crackers sale and production.