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net/catalog), has brought crafters and shoppers a new venue for connecting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Their stories span generations and have timeless appeal and having the opportunity to bring them into our industry will open the door for thousands of crafters to be able to recreate happy memories through their papercrafting projects," said Ms Davies.
P4 Web Crafter helped us conceptualize the Internet solution we need and strategize on the critical marketing elements that must be included.
com allows us to share our extensive library, knowledge and crafting passion directly with our customers, while also connecting crafters of all levels and interests with each other.
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance offers are available until June 30 and include the following: Crafter: Available from PS269 a month Delivering a huge cargo space, the accomplished Crafter is the largest model in the Volkswagen van range.
com is the internet's premier online marketplace designed exclusively for pet crafters to "show and sell" (TM) their crafts for pets, pet lovers, and pet owners.
Leif Oestling, the head of VW's trucks business, said, 'By taking the decision to build the Crafter in Poland, we are setting the course for the strategic realignment of our light commercial vehicles.
Stephen said: "The benefit to small businesses and crafters is that they can concentrate on making their products while we save them time by selling on their behalf.
The device was the brainchild of avid hobby crafter Jayne Nash, whose family has gone on to develop the patented ImPress machine.
Cbeyond replaced its existing Web content management system with Crafter as part of a website rebranding effort to provide a far more dynamic, engaging Web experience flexible enough to integrate with various internal content systems.