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She may not be the craftiest when it comes to playing political games but no one in the Executive can speak with more authority on her subjects.
Some of the craftiest viruses have developed tools for disabling this cellular alarm system.
Prepare to have your fears and hopes exploited in the logging industry's craftiest fairy tale to date: forest biomass.
He is one of the smartest, craftiest players in the league," says Davis.
Maninder has played 35 Tests and 59 ODIs and was rated as one of the craftiest spinners in the game.
Launched on Newcastle's Quorum Business Park, with the help of some little helpers from the on-site Kids 1st Nursery, the search has commenced to find the craftiest Christmas tree decoration.
Crows, the craftiest of all our resident birds, are killing too many of them.
It is only when they put aside their differences and work together that they are able to solve the craftiest riddles of all.
Stealing nukes would be a huge challenge even for the craftiest criminals.
Cruising to culinary victory, clever Chris disclosed his craftiest kitchen secret.
Mr Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, is one of Africa's craftiest political operators.
After one of the craftiest and most courageous victories of his career Sunday in the semifinals of the 106th annual Southern California Junior Sectional Championships, Tchan's performance in Monday's 16-under final was nothing short of a masterpiece.