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China has emerged the craftiest global traders after the Westerners as its largest carriers shipped Christmas gifts for sale in the western world after its economy took a nose drive, particularly after the collapse of toy industry including popular Barbie, Polly Pocket and "Cars" movie items since 2003.
This ancient myth about "the craftiest of men," whose irreverence so outraged the gods that they sentenced him to endless futile and hopeless labor, has long captured the imagination of poets but also philosophers and artists alike, among them Titian, who painted for posterity his own interpretation.
Maninder has played 35 Tests and 59 ODIs and was rated as one of the craftiest spinners in the game.
She never dreamed that something that had never been seen since the dawn of time could be a subterfuge: even the craftiest of women will let herself be taken in by the words of a sweet talker.
Crows, the craftiest of all our resident birds, are killing too many of them.
Some of the craftiest enlist the help of one animal to infect another.
uk is searching for the best home-made William and Kate dolls in a bid to find Britain's Craftiest Kids.
That was all then--and there shall be nothing more; there shall be no message, unless such as each of us can interpret for himself from the language of facts, that are so often more enigmatic than the craftiest arrangement of words.
10 -- The mobile phone, like the craftiest of invasive species, knows no boundaries.
Trade unions have not generally seen it as within their remit to oppose imperialist wars, or to promote environmental sustainability; and it took a long battle within our unions to introduce an equalities agenda-as in previous eras, the craftiest unions tended to defend the interests of their white, male, able-bodied existing members.
It is only when they put aside their differences and work together that they are able to solve the craftiest riddles of all.
Stealing nukes would be a huge challenge even for the craftiest criminals.