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Craftily, the clever king ordered his soldiers to march to the recalcitrant village and guard the potato field.
This craftily arty film festival fantasy can be seen as apocalyptic poverty-porn or poetry in motion.
However, several craftily composed pieces hint at more sophisticated rhythmic intricacies.
The 34-year-old French actress, who plays Ava Lord in `Sin City: A Dame To Kill For`, appears to be naked or involved in sex, but her body is mostly shielded by smoke, shadows and craftily placed co-stars, the Daily Star reported.
Anyway, when Cara turned up late Anyway, when Cara turned up late and slightly bedraggled after having and slightly bedraggled after having woken up only 10 minutes beforehand, woken up only 10 minutes beforehand, she craftily suggested they both go for a she craftily suggested they both go for a massage.
Such unfounded reports have sent wave of panic and scare among the people that the parents have stopped sending their children to schools and these fabricated and craftily contrived notions are so rife that even the elders have confined them to four walls of their homes.
He has arrived at a seat- sharing arrangement with the BJP after craftily nuanced negotiations to ensure that his party is a force to reckon with in both states after Andhra Pradesh's bifurcation on June 2, and equally respected in Delhi as an influential constituent of the National Democratic Alliance.
As performed by the ensemble, Ravel's craftily lighthearted, slightly melancholic music revels in countless colours, enchants the listener with airiness, Gallic charm and panache, fascinates with remarkable sensitivity, which mostly merely vents itself in tender oscillations yet now and then surprises with unexpected intensity.
In the run-up to the last election the Tories were always careful to specify which pensioners' benefits they would not scrap but very craftily always failed to mention prescription charges.
But the researchers had craftily inserted information on people's weight.
GOW FOR IT: David McGowan (yellow gilet) craftily infiltrates Team Raleigh front runners at Aintree and then (right) manoeuvres for eighth in the bunch finish
Villa grabbed the lead with 31 minutes gone after Michael Drennan craftily lobbed Jak Alnwick after a long ball was pumped into the box.