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The referendum is being craftily used by the ruling party to consolidate their position in British politics - whatever the result Rennie Ku, Liverpool 18
But the researchers had craftily inserted information on people's weight.
Villa grabbed the lead with 31 minutes gone after Michael Drennan craftily lobbed Jak Alnwick after a long ball was pumped into the box.
Some chose to craftily escape their Obli-Cations: One third called in sick for their mandatory travels, with another 30% using 'too much work' as an excuse to stay-put.
it is evident that the Zionist plot has been craftily devised to involve a military intervention in Syria and turn the country into chaos and ruins.
The result of a collaboration of three female songwriters - Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby - have indulged themselves in their own craftily spun hush soundscape.
No other car in its class compares, its makers claim, with its distinctive bold design that craftily houses a spacious three-row, seven-passenger functional, flexible and premium interior, covered in soft-touch materials.
Cosmic and comic, spiritual and self-serving, as well as self-lacerating, Cohen, aka the "lazy bastard," craftily reveals that no matter how borderline blasphemous his words might be, he is merely a divine mouthpiece at the mercy of the Creator's wrath and whimsy.
Jones also takes issue with the notion that Scott's journal was craftily edited to bolster the myth.
THE GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY AT MOCA * April 8-July 30 * Curated by Philipp Kaiser and Miwon Kwon Though sometimes superficially portrayed as a collective flight from the mediating structures of cosmopolitan culture, the Land art movement was from its beginnings a wildly heterogeneous range of practices that often craftily exploited the very systems they appeared to critique or eschew.
His proposal would include Democratic priorities like new revenue as well as Republican goals like cuts to Medicare and Social Security, but McConnell slammed the move as an attempt by Obama to craftily expand government.