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The passion I have for craftwork is based on the firm belief that handmade objects carry a very different kind of energy, a different emotion, and here at The Place we create truly beautiful crafts, pieces that cannot ever be replaced by any industrial means.
The good people at Crazy Crow Trading Post have done it again with their latest book written by Scott Sutton entitled Craftwork Techniques of the Native Americans.
Her project aims to export Egyptian craftwork to other countries around the world.
A COMBINED exhibition of art and craftwork at Redcar's Kirkleatham Museum celebrates degrees of well-being.
An exhibition of handicrafts and craftwork involving NGOs and governmental institutions was also held.
I have followed up and developed my interest in art across a range of techniques - drawing, painting, printing, craftwork and photography.
During the meeting, approval was given for a number of decisions to improve craftwork and performance and ensure sustainability of craft sector development programmes.
BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY, MOUNT PLEASANT, WOLVERHAMPTON: Storytelling: Once upon a time in the Midlands, craftwork inspired by folklore traditions of the Midlands, until August 24.
The invited artists participating in this exhibit all share a deep connection to the traditional craftwork of their cultures, which include Cree, Blackfoot, Sioux, Dene and Metis.
So, I thought of doing something in my free time, and I started making decorative items, as I was interested in craftwork.
The traditional Silent Auction of items donated by local businesses includes recreational 'get-aways' at exclusive tourist venues, artwork, jewellery and Namibian craftwork.
13 Which C is a decorative craftwork created by looping yarn or thread with a specifically hooked needle?