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The passion I have for craftwork is based on the firm belief that handmade objects carry a very different kind of energy, a different emotion, and here at The Place we create truly beautiful crafts, pieces that cannot ever be replaced by any industrial means.
The good people at Crazy Crow Trading Post have done it again with their latest book written by Scott Sutton entitled Craftwork Techniques of the Native Americans.
Her project aims to export Egyptian craftwork to other countries around the world.
Greenlights Network chairman John Basham said: "Artefacts shows art and craftwork by people with something to say, perhaps to themselves and hopefully to share, about their life experiences.
So, I thought of doing something in my free time, and I started making decorative items, as I was interested in craftwork.
First Step North East receives PS248,955 to continue and develop a project in Newcastle helping migrant women improve their language and computer skills, plus workshops including sewing, textile work, craftwork and vegetable growing.
Which city's museum features a collection of craftwork by Napoleonic PoWs?
There will also be traditional and contemporary craftwork exhibited.
As Charles Perrow describes in his 1986 seminal book, Complex Organizations: A Critical Essay, we see logistics tasks performed by the enterprise as falling into four types: routine, engineering, craftwork, and nonroutine, or "emergent," tasks.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Etihad Airways continues to support and uphold the heritage of the United Arab Emirates with the announcement that locally produced craftwork will soon be available for purchase on board its flights.
Residents of the Athlone Court sheltered housing scheme in Blyth are set to benefit after an empty property was equipped for classes such as craftwork and computers.
Greeting card company Craftwork Cards has said it expects a 40% increase in turnover thanks to an exclusive distribution deal with TV shopping channel QVC.