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Naturally, both the LACMA and V&A exhibitions do begin their stories with Britain, each featuring a range of artefacts by 'representative' designers and craftworkers, seventy seven in the LACMA show and 116 in the V&A's.
Blacks represented 39% of the local population in Gramercy, Louisiana, but only 2% of the craftworkers and 15% of the unskilled workers at the plant.
We model the handle, not the hand; if a craftworker can see the tool and feel the took and these perceptions match, a view of the hand merely obscures the workpiece.
But so strong were his instinctive attachments to the middle ages that he cared much more than Marx about the subjective aspect of this transition; he wanted, following [John] Ruskin, to understand the spirit of the craftworker, first in the middle ages and then under capitalism.
Our combined logic led us to envision an influential beadworker from an influential family beginning this technique, then others, wanting to emulate this craftworker which they admired, adopting her technique of filling in backgrounds.
Having a skilled craftworker in the family may help an applicant find out about openings.
In Adolf Hungry Wolf's Pow Wow Dancer's and Craftworker's Handbook (Skookumchuck: Canadian Caboose Press, 1999.
There will also be a demonstration of the ancient tradition of corn dolly making by local craftworker, Jenny Pritchard of Elwy Crafts.
On occasion, Parks says, he has hired people with no diving experience, but, in every such case, the person was already a skilled craftworker.
Respected craftworker Thyra Moses of the Spokane tribe (sadly, now deceased) assisted in putting together this diagram of a bead hat pattern.
A craftworker will be in the gallery most days, to demonstrate a craft, or to discuss the work on show.