crafty plan

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A crafty plan was devised to hold elections to parliament and the state assemblies simultaneously.
Anna overhears the voicemail from Vinny confirming everything and the sleuths hatch a crafty plan.
Does Theresa May really have a crafty plan to keep Britain in the EU - or is the UK hopelessly divided between London billionaires and cash-strapped families in the Valleys?
IN 2002, thieves devised a crafty plan that ended in them making off with more than [euro]780,000 of art from the National Museum in Paraguay.
All this excitement builds as Annette carefully pursues a crafty plan to place Evan safely where he will be found by his parents.
The story depicts 10-year-old Wadjda's (Wd Mohammed) crafty plan to buy a beautiful green bicycle from a store which she passes every day -- although females are not legally allowed to ride bikes in the country.
She had what she thought was a crafty plan, When buying cigs.
The show is bright, colourful and the intricate set changes are cleverly handled in the tale of matchmaking widow Dolly Levi's crafty plan to land Yonkers half millionaire Horace Vandergelder for herself.
I'mnot sure what Eddie Jones is planning for either next week or the World Cup but he'llhave a crafty plan.
The cricket authorities copped some flak for holding the tournament so early in the summer, but maybe the crafty plan to finish a day before the start of Wimbledon now makes more sense.
His crafty plan means the gang boss quickly realises he has another potential friend behind bars, who might be baying for Fran's blood.