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In addition, the report calls on carriers, where possible, to give consumers who were crammed refunds of recurring monthly charges including previous months, and when a third-party is stopped from billing due to cramming, to notify consumers whose bills were charged so they can seek refunds for those charges.
Members crammed that one through even though the city attorney said it's unconstitutional and the Ethics Commission and neighborhood councils never got to look at it.
Flies given the rest avoided the odor even after a week, while those that crammed did so for only 3 days.
I don't hear the same people complain that ``extreme'' sports are being crammed down their throats - or golf or ice hockey or auto racing or any of the sports that seem to have expanded their audiences over the past decade with the cooperation of the news media.
The agencies have published a brochure, "I've Been Crammed," to help inform consumers about cramming and how to protect against being crammed.
Consumers also need to review the charges on the non-Pacific Bell portion of their bills to ensure they are not being crammed.
While IwayNet has yet to experience this "third-party cramming", we have faced a relentless assault of crammed Ameritech local phone charges.
They just have lots of books crammed in,'' he said last week.
This not only is an inconvenience to the crammed customers, but also makes it difficult for other customers to quickly reach Pacific Bell business offices for other inquiries.