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Most crammer augers use a standard flight pitch, as that usually provides the best overall results, unless there is actual data available on other helix angles for that particular material.
Results from the analysis indicated that there was no significant difference in active procrastination among the three crammer groups (F = .
On the issue of number portability between telecom operators in Qatar, Crammer said the issue took longer time than expected.
A BBC education site reported Teachers returning to school to learn grammar well enough to teach it in "Grammar Crammer for Teachers" (2000).
As Crammer (2004) puts it, "Teaching grammar in the context of writing means stressing revision and editing, teacher modeling of relevant grammatical concepts, and teaching minilessons on grammar and mechanical topics drawn from an analysis of student weaknesses and strengths.
Crammer ha hecho referencia a aspectos relacionados con la atmosfera humana del hospital.
Crammer was tried for heresy and treason and signed six recantations--only to withdraw them all.
Munchy Limited, a manufacturer of systems for reprocessing plastics, has recently introduced the Munchy Crammer for high output and quality reprocessing.
The most prominent victim of Mary's reign was Thomas Crammer, Archbishop of Canterbury, who sent himself to his death by claiming the Pope was "Christ's enemy".
He expressed a tentative interest in the Diplomatic Service, but Sir George leaned more toward the military, and Osbert was sent to a crammer.
Stephen Hawking's populist crammer on time made no mention of Kant, of Bergson, of Husserl, seeing science as the only discipline fit to make pronouncements of any contemporary value.
Based on the contributors' own experience of typical problems and dilemmas, and including thorough explanations for each answer, this book is not just an exam crammer, but a valuable learning tool.