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The news has been welcomed as PSMS accounts for most of third-party charges on cell phones and for the overwhelming bulk of cramming complaints.
Noting that this change would also prove inefficient and inconvenient for the small businesses it seeks to protect, Wasch recommended that the FTC abandon this approach and refocus its efforts to combat Web site cramming targeted at small businesses.
Many educators probably have a negative view of the efficacy and wisdom of academic procrastination and cramming. At the same time, it is safe to say that many college students have either a need or preference for academic procrastination and cramming.
There remains considerable debate about the relative costs and benefits of both academic procrastination and cramming. The intent of our study was to examine their experiential aspects, something that has been neglected by researchers.
Although newspaper and magazine clippings supply pundits with most of their cramming material, those who want their views to sound particularly fresh, original, or well-informed, may go one step further and seek counsel from experts in government, academics, and the press.
When given a choice, these insects later avoid that odor 9 out of 10 times, However, "cramming"--exposing a fruit fly to the conditioning odor for a minute every other minute for 20 minutes total -- yields no long-term memory, while training the fly with 15-minute rests between each exposure does, Tully says.
Addressing the seminar, the experts said cramming was a menace and it could not be useful for better education.
"With the downward pressure on long distance rates, it appears the long distance carriers are trying to make up the difference by cramming the bills with additional charges in areas not so obvious to the business telecom user," said Roberts.
Q: There was a lot of talk about telephone cramming last year.
In our education system, we are not learning anything instead we are just cramming to pass through and get promoted.
Cramming has become a tradition in our education system.
TV host Steve Cram was banned from driving yesterday for cramming too many people into his car.