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Among the company's pain offerings is Hyland's Leg Cramps Ointment, which features all-natural active ingredients and is said to provide fast relief, relaxing the cramp and easing pain for joints, legs, knees and feet.
amp;nbsp;Stretch and massage your muscles that have been affected by the cramps.
If you frequently get leg cramps or cramping continues despite stretching your calves, see your doctor to help determine the cause.
Mind you, when I checked the NHS website it says one reason for getting such cramps is pregnancy.
It is worth recalling that salt deficiency may result in cramp of the muscles, as is well exemplified by the strenuous manual worker who spends much of his day at high temperatures and sweats away his salt, with the consequence that he suffers from muscle cramp.
For example, if you suffer from cramp in the calf, sit down and straighten your leg and make sure your foot is fully supported too.
Mr Cramp gave Royal Marines an insight into his war experiences as he recounted how he found himself alone on Sword Beach when the landing craft he had been on had to retreat after hitting an obstacle, taking everyone else with it.
The runners who suffered from acute muscle cramps during the race formed the cramp group (n = 21), while runners with no muscle cramps formed the control group (n = 22).
3) Although most muscle cramps are harmless, some may be related to an underlying medical condition, such as inadequate blood supply and narrowing of the arteries that deliver blood to your legs and can produce cramp-like pain in your legs and feet while you're exercising.
If it's really bothersome and you fall asleep afraid that you're going to have a cramp at night, talk to somebody about it," Dr.