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I've found that if a person's calcium intake is too low, especially when their phosphorus intake is too high, they may be vulnerable to calf cramping.
An observational study by Young, Dungey, Burton, and Smith (2012) found that both low intensity intradialytic exercise using a special bicycle and low intensity bicycling before bed could potentially relieve nocturnal leg cramping in patients on dialysis.
Although they often resolve spontaneously within minutes of onset, cramping episodes and residual discomfort and tenderness may persist for hours or even days.
Although the vast majority of NLC cases are idiopathic, the cramps can be associated with several disorders, including type 2 diabetes (as in our case study), peripheral vascular or arterial disease, arthritis, thyroid hormone imbalance, chronic diarrhea (as in irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease), autosomal-dominant cramping disease, liver disease, and end-stage renal disease (especially in patients on dialysis, related to decreased intervascular volume).
Participants who had experienced normal cramping had a 25% reduction in the number of cramps experienced while taking Pycnogenol.
Don't Cramp Up Everyone tells you to eat bananas if you want to prevent cramping.
Even superfit stars like teen tennis sensation Andy Murray can suffer and the prevailing theory is that cramping is associated with weakness in muscles.
Because of the extra blood and oxygen needed during exercise, the spleen has to work much harder, so it tightens and may cause a cramping feeling.
Make sure you are not dehydrated as this can lead to cramping, so drink six to eight glasses of water a day.
For some time now, Eichner and his colleagues at GSSI have been examining the roots of heat cramping in athletes.
As athletes make their way back to school and get back into shape, dehydration and muscle cramping sometimes occur.