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Cramps can happen for a number of reasons, including dehydration, over-hydration, electrolyte abnormalities, and muscle fatigue.
For example, if you suffer from cramp in the calf, sit down and straighten your leg and make sure your foot is fully supported too.
Below-normal levels of potassium, magnesium or calcium could trigger leg cramps.
Muscle cramps (involuntary muscle contraction associated with severe pain) occur frequently in patients receiving dialysis.
My exercise teacher told me to do calf stretches but I keep having to stop if the cramp comes because it's too painful even to stretch.
Whatever the cause, it seems that these cramps happen less often as you get into better shape.
The symptoms of PMS can include irritability, tension, fatigue, lack of energy, feeling out of control, aches, mood swings, swelling, bloating, craving foods, cramps, feeling sad and difficulty concentrating.
As uncomfortable as they can be, you can usually run through a stitch, though right-side cramps can be more severe and may require you to stop.
My husband and I suffer terribly with cramp at night in bed.
TESTEROS VERDICT: OIOve always exercised, but when I started going to the gym regularly three years ago, I started getting terrible cramps in my legs at night.
Q MOST weekends when I've been on a night out with my friends I wake up with terrible cramp in my legs.
Why do you get cramps when you go in the water after eating?