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Seven percent of pediatric patients experience muscle cramps and spasms, and our topical, locally acting solution Theraworx Relief is a safe option.
amp;nbsp;Drink plenty of water or consume vitamin drinks such as Gatorade that help ease leg cramps.
What to do: Don't expect magnesium supplements to keep you from getting leg cramps at night.
Speak to your doctor if you take any of these medications, as you may be able to switch to one that's doesn't cause cramps.
Measures that can be taken to relieve leg cramps include stretching the muscle by dorsiflexing the foot upward towards the body and wrapping a warm, moist towel around the leg muscle.
They can occur for no apparent reason and are known as idiopathic leg cramps.
He may have an attack of muscle cramp for a few nights, then he may be free for a long time, but when he does suffer the pain may be repeated during the night and seriously interfere with sleep--that in fact may be the reason for which the patient is driven to consult the doctor.
LimbBar[R] is an all-natural treatment for alleviating pain, discomfort and involuntary muscle spasms associated with nocturnal leg cramps.
To relieve cramp, stretch and massage the muscles that are affected.
n Ask your doctor if a medication, such as a statin or diuretic, could be causing your leg cramps.
MANILA -- Manny Pacquiao reportedly suffered cramps while jogging along Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Manila time).
The nephrology nurse may question what to teach the patient about muscle cramps and how to manage them.