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Other reported manifestations of the secondary affliction are paresthesia of the mental and infraorbital regions or unilateral decreased sensation to pinprick in all three divisions of the fifth cranial nerve.
No postsurgical cranial nerve deficits or recurrences were seen over a follow-up of 50 and 36 months, respectively, for the man and woman.
Among the array of cranial nerve disorders that he and his colleagues will treat at the new AGH Center include trigeminal neuralgia and glossopharyngeal neuralgia, conditions of chronic facial pain; hemifacial spasm, a progressively severe twitching of the facial muscles; Meniere's disease/vertigo -- or chronic dizziness; tinnitus -- or chronic ringing of the ears; and spasmodic torticollis, a condition in which the muscles that control the head, neck and shoulders go into severe spasms.
A complete vestibular examination was performed--including oculomotor tests (smooth pursuit, saccades, optokinesis, and gaze-evoked nystagmus), examination of the cranial nerves, vestibulo-ocular reflex testing (head-shaking test, etc.
Jannetta established one of the nation's preeminent neurosurgical programs, including a leading site for cranial nerve disorders and microvascular surgery.
About 6 weeks after the onset of symptoms, a neurologic cranial nerve evaluation revealed subtle asymmetry of the soft palate arches with early atrophy and slight weakness of the left half of the tongue.
The Salitron is an electrotherapeutic device designed to stimulate the flow of saliva through cranial nerve pathways.
The rest of his cranial nerve functions were normal.
The Salitron is prescribed by physicians to reflexly stimulate the flow of saliva through cranial nerve pathways.
We report a new case of primary lymphoma of the temporal bone that manifested as XIIth cranial nerve palsy, and we review the recent literature on this entity.
On physical examination, trigeminal neuropathy and neuropathy of cranial nerve VI were present.