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Further, Zika virus RT-PCR results were only available for cranial nerve VII, 3 sections of sciatic nerve, spinal cord, and cauda equina.
The seventh and sixth nerves are the most commonly affected cranial nerves in MS, and involvement of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 12th cranial nerves may also be observed in association in some patients.
A total of 12 attacks were observed in seven cases, and in the attacks, the most affected cranial nerves were the ophthalmic branch of the fifth, sixth, fourth cranial nerve and the optical nerve.
Spread to skull base and involvement of IX, X XI cranial nerve (Vernet's syndrome).
Combined Vlth and Xllth cranial nerve palsies: A clival syndrome.
Tolosa-Hunt-like syndrome in DM necessitates early initiation of corticosteroids with tight glycemic control to resolve symptoms and prevent neurological sequela especially cranial nerve palsies.
Prognosis wise, the T-classification, N-classification, stage, and cranial nerve involvement are the significant prognostic factors in determining the five-year overall survival.
The PoNS is an investigational medical device that is designed to induce neuromodulation by stimulating the cranial nerves found in the tongue.
During follow-up period of 2 months, her facial pain, her facial paralysis, and her eye movements especially related to the 3rd cranial nerve improved partially.
This edition includes head muscles and glands, cervical vertebrae, a resizable interface that conforms to screen size, and extended vessels and cranial nerve content.
Cranial nerve involvement occurs along with any of these three types of peripheral neuropathy or rarely as an isolated feature.