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"When I read my piece I realize that the older and crankier I get, this actually is my America, It's not everyone's.
A largely docile colony may swiftly grow larger than clusters with some crankier spiders, but it may also wink out when under siege.
"Starkey is getting dafter and crankier with every passing day.
It wasn't until this week, with his empty desk beside me, that I realised how much I have come to rely upon him as a dictionary, encyclopaedia, sounding board for my crankier ideas and maker of hot drinks.
Liel quotes Alfred Kazin saying that Bellow was "too full of his being a novelist to be a human being writing." Apt as the observation may be, it couldn't help put me in mind of an altogether more hostile quote from George Bernard Shaw in one of his crankier moods: "[The Jews] had better stop being Jews and start being human beings." It's a ludicrously insulting statementas it was no doubt intended to bebut its implicit challenge is hard to shake, and the struggle and resistance to do just that, more than any tales of knife-wielding mothers or Brenda Patimkin-esque materialism or perverse sexual fantasies about unsuspecting blondes with preternaturally tiny noses is of course the great and most enduring "tribal secret" that Roth's work reveals.
"If people are crankier they should be quitting more," says Spetz.
"I sometimes ask a man if he feels crankier or more short-tempered than he used to," Morgentaler relates.
(77) Potter was even crankier in August that same year laying down a fine of $20 for turning off the Moonlight lights and threatening to increase it to $40 the next time someone came into his court on the charge.
Gorge also seems to be getting crankier with age (could that be contagious?) and I think a run or two will actually keep his head straighter.
Cartoonist Mumph has been getting crank calls from even crankier callers after an anger management company put his phone number on the internet by mistake.
And now, for growing numbers of teachers, particularly the older and crankier among us, our "new, higher standards"--a phrase difficult even to utter without first spitting on the ground--have many of us, sadly and for the first time, looking for the exit sign.