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But we sure get what makes Buzz distinctive: an unshakable belief that the rich and powerful will always cheat the average guy, and he crankily considers himself one of the latter to this day.
Another day, another chance to fete ``House,'' Fox's hit medical drama starring Hugh Laurie as a brilliantly cranky and crankily brilliant doctor.
Jonathan Klein, six weeks into his tenure as president of CNN/US, wasn't working for the cable news network last fall when he watched Jon Stewart take down Tucker Carlson and Ed Begala on their crankily contentious debate show, ``Crossfire,'' informing the two that they were ``hurting America.
Still, David's title - borrowed from an earlier HBO special about the comic crankily planning a stand-up concert special that never actually materialized - seems a warning for critics who might overenthusiastically praise the series, only to have some viewers find themselves a little bewildered at the rarefied sensibility at work here.