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Oblivious that it is their disruption that is causing his crankiness, the valiant four set about trying to cheer him up instead of just leaving him in peace to his own devices.
There is a noticeable increase in crankiness," Antelope Valley Courthouse Supervising Judge Thomas White said in the report.
Astrov concedes that his concern may be just crankiness but, later in the play, he examines a colour-coded map that he has drawn up of the environmental changes to the local district over the last three generations.
In the process he saves Grant from the accusation of mere Tory crankiness or pessimism.
Teething symptoms, quite pronounced, included crankiness, whining, and interrupted sleep.
I know what the antidote for all this restlessness and crankiness is.
Teething may be associated with crankiness, loss of appetite and sometimes with low-grade fever.
A newborn's irritability, crankiness, or insomnia may be perceived as withdrawal symptoms or behavioral teratogenesis, whereas it could very well be a genetically inherited temperament instability from a mother suffering from anxiety, depression, or psychosis.
Fin is 14, newly transplanted to Florida, reeling from the recent divorce of her parents, her father's disappearance from her life and her mother's subsequent crankiness and eccentricities.
That too is no small or straightforward undertaking, in view of the difficulties and even crankiness of Andreas's language.
Kline's Lear is a temperate, witty and reflective fellow at the far end of middle age, who at worst can be accused of occasional crankiness.