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Recorded over a span of five years at bassist/producer Brad Woods Seagrass Studio, Cranky Georges debut full-length album Fat Lot of Good tips music from the bucket that dredges the confluence of the Danube, the Shannon and the Missouri.
LadderTech's LadderPort Ladder Receiver and Cranky Portable Winch system was invented by a mechanical contractor after realizing the need to fill the void in roof access and extension ladder safety.
After offering general strategies to improve communication, the book provides sections on dealing with an array of challenging folks--from authoritarian administrators, overly helpful parents and cranky colleagues to indecisive principals, apathetic instructors and even cranky custodians.
Call me cruisephobic, but I pictured cramped staterooms, lousy food, and cranky strangers swaying together on the high seas.
a girl with a paranormal gift and a cranky spirit guide to boot
We're talking common problems here, from system hang-ups and cranky mice to vanishing graphics and cabling issues.
The cheerful colors and wavy purple- and magenta-outlined ovoid and curlicue forms lighten the blow of van der Stokker's cranky musings about a (probably fictional) pal.
Sounding a bit cranky and, unsurprisingly, holier-than-thou, Jones III was not altogether in high spirits about America: "In your re-election, God has graciously granted America--though she doesn't deserve it--a reprieve from the agenda of paganism.
But even during his attempt at publicly apologising, Elton still managed to hit out at another star while denying he was cranky.
s appearance at the Democratic Convention, cranky Georgia Democrat Zell Miller crossed party lines to give the off-keynote.
If you had this condition, you might be cranky, fatigued and feel worse after training rather than better.