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In the middle of the wall hung a picture representing a beautiful lady, so young, so glad, but dressed quite as in former times, with clothes that stood quite stiff, and with powder in her hair; she neither said "thankee, thankee!" nor "cranky, cranky!" but looked with her mild eyes at the little boy, who directly asked the old man, "Where did you get her?"
I'll stay with you till I am a cross cranky old woman.
And Zeena, she was always cranky. Not but what she bears with Mattie wonderful-I've seen that myself.
My son, when at that age where letters and words fascinated him, coined an acronym, COM, which means 'cranky old man.' He used it whenever my father, his Lolo, would turn cantankerous.
"We don't have the right to lash out at people just because our hunger made us cranky," says the actor
After years of babysitting cranky and confrontational real housewives, 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen is finally making the switch to cranky babies.
RONNIE O'Sullivan says he is happy to stay on World Snooker's Tour if changes are made, with Barry Hearn calling his breakaway idea a "cranky scheme".
Little Brown is one cranky canine because no one ever plays with him at the animal shelter.
"In your column, you stated that the bicycling term 'Fred' was, 'Inspired by a real old, cranky cyclist named Fred.' I'm puzzled.
Slap Board Silly: Outrageous fun with music concepts!, by Three Cranky Women (TCW Resources): Kathleen Lloyd, Charlene Shelzi and Laura G.
Every Saturday morning, Ada wakes up cranky because she has to go to ballet class, and she HATES ballet.
Misery Road, the latest video and single from Los Angeles-based indie folk/rock band Cranky George, will be released on November 18.