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We hope that his original Nooks and Crannies English Muffin can be enjoyed at breakfast tables for generations to come.
His Beautiful British Tour sees him escape the TV studios and explore 32 nooks and crannies of his favourite country.
This happens because wear and tear creates nooks and crannies in which filth can hide.
DO you know of any buildings, tunnels, nooks or crannies the Chronicle can invest igate?
As they get older, the trees develop holes, nooks and crannies and dead and rotting wood, perfect homes for lots of insects.
The new wide open space, replete with a terrace, cafe, fitness rooms, coffee bar and nooks and crannies where people can escape for some private space has officially been recognized by employees as a place that helps them to work together.
Marigold flowers, since they consist of numerous nooks and crannies, normally dry out with difficulty after morning irrigation and, as a result, turn brown or black with fungus.
Low pressure air usually works, but in those tight nook and crannies of your bird low pressure air might not get the job done.
Key executives from organizers Centaur were seen scurrying around the nooks and crannies of Olympia signing up this year's exhibitors for 2007 and meeting with success.
Plenty of pool coping, a cradle, corners, trannies built up to rocks on the outer edge, and plenty of nooks and crannies to suit your needs.
I had the pleasure of tracking down sections of the original prototype too corroded to be restored but nevertheless displayed in the dark nooks and crannies of Rudolph's tower--and felt a certain frisson on fingering the bullet holes in one panel.
The form generates a wide variety of spaces, of shapes and sizes, gaps, dead-ends, nooks and crannies, creating a series of in-between places where people may be naturally inclined to find refuge.