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When your crapulous correspondent staggered through the drawbridge at Castle Couch last Friday evening - it could have been early Saturday morning - my good lady wife did not believe my tale of a beast called Royal Wedding obliging at Fontwell Park.
A meal after Shacharit, which is the prayer of the morning, praising God Who made the light only by saying it illuminating, also, our own saying of thanks to Him for not making us unto them--the animals, women, or sick; for not yet giving us over to the darkness of death--shadows that have no souls for which to pray if even they could, as they lack both voices and hearts, shuffle their bloated, crapulous ways into shul: Unaffiliated, jingjangling keys--there couldn't be!
After four and one-half years in Northern Ireland, he confessed shortly after his return to "feeling a bit out of sympathy with England." Indeed, as he went on to inform Robert Conquest with marked acerbity, Hull seemed to him shortly after his arrival there "a frightful dump" and its citizenry a "witless crapulous people" (SL 245).
As Smith remarks: [C]ollege being nothing but grooming schools for the middle-class nonidentity which usually finds its perfect expression on the outskirts of the campus in rows of well-to-do houses with lawns and television sets in each living room with everybody looking at the same thing and thinking the same thing at the same time while the Japhies of the world go prowling in the wilderness to hear the voice crying in the wilderness, to find the ecstasy of the stars, to find the dark mysterious secret of the origins of the faceless wonderless crapulous civilization.
From what affliction does a crapulous person suffer?
And Dylan Thomas, though he no longer closes the book, remains unsurpassed when it comes to crapulous buffoonery--as does Caitlin:
My dad Adolph the Crapulous brought him home for me.