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The topmast anticked high in the air for a space, then crashed down to deck, permitting the bowsprit to dip into the sea, go clear with the butt of it of the forecastle head, and drag alongside.
Another from the Norman whizzed into the waist, broke the back of a horse, and crashed its way through the side of the vessel.
Terlake fell short, crashed in among the oars, and bounded off into the sea.
The boundless sea rang terribly around, and the earth crashed loudly: wide Heaven was shaken and groaned, and high Olympus reeled from its foundation under the charge of the undying gods, and a heavy quaking reached dim Tartarus and the deep sound of their feet in the fearful onset and of their hard missiles.
The life-giving earth crashed around in burning, and the vast wood crackled loud with fire all about.
EAGLE ROCK - A 53-year-old Pasadena man was killed Saturday when his motorcycle crashed on a freeway and he was struck by four vehicles, a California Highway Patrol officer said.
As a result, Mission Critical Linux's engineers can restore the crashed system immediately while still recreating the state of the system before the crash occurred.
Human error was the main cause of Cyprus's worst airline disaster, in which an aircraft crashed into a hillside north of Athens last year killing all 121 people on board, a Cypriot newspaper reported on Friday.
SANTA CLARITA - Fifty years ago, a T-33 Korean War-era jet - the same kind that crashed into a Santa Clarita mobile-home park Sunday - lost power on its final approach to what is now Van Nuys Airport and plowed through a ranch house.
0 restarts the system, it can automatically relaunch all applications that were running on the computer at the time it crashed.
PEARBLOSSOM - On a rugged ridge in the San Gabriel Mountains lies the debris of a firefighting air tanker that crashed more than eight years ago - twisted pieces of metal that might hold the answer to the mystery of what caused the plane to carry three crew members to their deaths.
Instructor Haight, a Guiness Book of Records record holder for number of crash tests in a day; 26, crashed the WorldStar nose first into a concrete loading dock at 22mph and crashed a Ford Motor Co.