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The groom said that as elders handled the situation, they were not greatly affected by the incident, but knowing that they had wedding crashers was both vexing and funny, "I never thought we'd be that lucky, lucky really came to us.
Each turn past two, Party Crashers show up, which are 3/5 minions with Taunt that will only attack your opponent's face.
The incident we had certainly does not show him up as a crasher.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the movie has been such a hit that it has inspired scores of copycat incidents around the country, with wedding crashers painstakingly scouring the society pages seeking nuptial celebrations that look like they might be fun to infiltrate.
Shutting those pesky Party Crashers up, so they lose their taunts and direct damage, will severely limit your opponent's damage.
The 2014 Crashers were selected by The Cooperative Trust to participate in a specialized agenda in conjunction with the 2014 CUNA GAC.
Real Wedding Crashers" seems to beg for a sequel: "Crashing the Wedding Crashers," in which a second group of improv aces attempt to subvert the first group's subversions, and keep the wedding a solemn celebration of the marrying couple's love.
And its famous 'tranc-indental' club night, Gatecrasher, has been renamed Crasher.
NEW YORK -- For the second year in a row, DIY Network's popular Crashers franchise joins forces for the most exciting surprise home makeover yet.
The Crashers are out to do more than just shake up the status quo-they have real plans aimed at helping credit unions.
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn work well as a comedy double-act, and there is a delightful, joyous exuberance about Wedding Crashers.
Thor drove his chariot across the sky powered by two goats, Gnasher and Crasher.