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As the squirrel meme took off, BLLT also leveraged the efforts of developers who independently created applications to add the Banff Crasher Squirrel to Twitter avatars, "Quip-art" to superimpose the squirrel on websites and United Playco's Banff Crasher Squirrel iPhone application.
The experience I had with the 2014 Crashers is one that I will never forget.
Some board crashers are little more than industrial spies who pretend to be directors to gather valuable intelligence for the firms that employ them.
November 29 sees Crasher back on home turf at the NEC arena for "the biggest indoor dance event of the year" - once again expecting to attract a sell-out crowd of 15,000.
NEW YORK -- For the second year in a row, DIY Network's popular Crashers franchise joins forces for the most exciting surprise home makeover yet.
If the 16 crashers have their way, look for dynamic young professional groups to be launched in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Connecticut and Seattle.
Real Wedding Crashers" seems to beg for a sequel: "Crashing the Wedding Crashers," in which a second group of improv aces attempt to subvert the first group's subversions, and keep the wedding a solemn celebration of the marrying couple's love.
Dinner Crasher (found on Youtube and available via the Spooftroupe site as well) with it's interaction between Bluebonnet, her “whipped” Hubby and Mr.
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn work well as a comedy double-act, and there is a delightful, joyous exuberance about Wedding Crashers.
Thor drove his chariot across the sky powered by two goats, Gnasher and Crasher.
As a television writer and practiced party crasher, I've gone to premieres before, but the party for The L Word last month felt different.
The GEICO Shortcuts app joins an ever expanding list of mobile apps released in 2011 including the GEICO Guinea Pig Getaway app, the GEICO BroStache app and the Caveman Photo Crasher app.