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Thus, crashes lead to property damage, injury and possibly death, but near-crashes do not, even though they have similar properties.
But some critics don't think the move will solve the biggest problem of push-pull systems - that the light cab car is easily derailed in crashes.
In the last few years] we have had some near-duplicates of fatal crashes from the past.
In the October Nano Letters, Saw-Wai Hla of Ohio University in Athens and his colleagues show how to use tip crashes to create a supply of loose atoms for performing fundamental studies of quantum phenomena, "hand making" specific molecules, or building nanogadgetry atom by atom.
Another reason is that car crashes occur one at a time, says Mark L.
The NTSB compiles statistics on airplane crashes in each of America's 50 states and divides the country into five regions--northeastern, southeastern, midwestern, southwestern, and western.
I mean, I never said that I think car crashes are sexually exciting.
It is our desire to reduce the number of crashes this holiday season by educating all drivers about specific behaviors that increase their crash risk.
Air safety -- a traditional headache for the Russian governments -- again came into the spotlight after more than 300 passengers died in three separate crashes this year alone.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found using a cell phone while driving increases the risk of injury-causing crashes by four times.
SANTA CLARITA - The number of local drunk driving arrests increased every year but one from 1999 through 2004, echoing a disturbing national trend that includes a spike in alcohol-related fatal crashes, according to a new study.
They either compare the accelerometer's signal to a library of known crashes or extrapolate forces and other crash parameters from accelerometer readings.