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Another characteristic of poorer countries is that crashes are far more likely to result in deaths than crashes in high-income countries.
Motor vehicle crashes accounted for a total of 42,643 deaths in 2003, killing 14.
When a NASCAR driver crashes, massive forces act on the car.
In the October Nano Letters, Saw-Wai Hla of Ohio University in Athens and his colleagues show how to use tip crashes to create a supply of loose atoms for performing fundamental studies of quantum phenomena, "hand making" specific molecules, or building nanogadgetry atom by atom.
This year, Lancaster has responded to 13 crashes with 14 deaths, including four involving drivers suspected of being drunk or on drugs, and Palmdale has responded to five collisions with eight deaths, with one crash involving a suspected impaired driver - Beavers' crash.
An AAA Texas analysis of the Texas data shows that teens 15-17 years of age were 81% over-represented fatal crashes given their rate of licensure.
The AAA RIDP is a public/private partnership designed to enhance traffic safety by reducing the frequency and severity of crashes at high-risk urban intersections.
The AAA Foundation analysis showed that approximately 11 percent of all police reported crashes involve a hit and run driver, and that the problem is especially alarming for pedestrians.
Some witnesses to the crashes questioned the police actions.
IIHS began testing vehicles for side-impact crashes in 2003, although this was the first time that small cars were included.
Twenty-two percent of California drivers involved in fatal crashes had suspended or revoked licenses - or none at all, according an unprecedented study released Wednesday.
The analysis of California data for 1994-2002 measured the rate of increase of alcohol-related crashes resulting in deaths and injuries on 10 national holiday periods and four special occasions.