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Traumatized by the Soviet crackup, China's leaders had been asking what lessons were to be learned--or, in crasser terms, how they could avoid the fate of Soviet bloc leaders.
The network, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, launched in April 1987 with a two-night schedule of shows that were louder, crasser and more overtly sexy than those on NBC, CBS and ABC.
NB: Because many artists in the '90s dealt with or used some of the crasser aspects of capitalism--Maurizio Cattelan renting his space at the '93 Venice Biennale, Jason Rhoades working from a Ferrari--the question of motivation is confusing.
Which is just as well; although the game ex-model Romijn-Stamos gets a sense of evil glee across in most of her crasser line readings and (not that I'd know) sounds passable when speaking French or in a Gallic accent, she is primarily here to be ogled.
David Cameron behaving like a travelling arms' salesmen in the Arab world looks crasser with every defiant stand by desperate regimes, including Libya.
Some WB sitcoms, like those at the other networks, appeal to crasser tastes, but they all lie along a logical WB-esque continuum.
This series would no doubt go down with viewers more easily were it an hourlong show - hourlongs are allowed crasser central characters and bleakly comic premises, while, for some reason, situation comedies are uniformly expected to be warm and fuzzy affairs.
Sex is something that I am very keen on, and thankfully she's a bit of a goer as well, so I suppose, at the risk of sounding even crasser then usual, I'd have to say her talent extended to the bedroom.
Strong points: CBS' fairly strong showing last season - it bolstered its Monday night lineup, remained strong on Sundays and expanded well on Tuesdays, thanks to ``JAG'' and ``Judging Amy'' - was sort of lost amid the hoopla of ``Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'' and the crasser reality shows.