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For they have used the attacks of September 11 in the crassest way to try to scare the American people into voting for them.
True, their rather flimsy missive to integrate the Valleys under the umbrella of the Cardiff Blues does stink to high heaven of the crassest of window-dressings.
He said: 'Printing Diana Princess of Wales's signature on their tubs was the crassest use of celebrity I have yet come across.
When presidential candidates pledge to do "whatever it takes" to win, they are expressing, in its crassest form, this newer understanding of the presidency.
Later, the genre expressed the sense of defeat felt by progressive forces as the New Deal/Cultural Front era was being attacked and eliminated, as well as a resounding critique of a society that seemed increasingly to have shunted collective values aside in favor of validating the crassest forms of individual greed.
In its crassest form, this is purely a utilitarian appeal.
As the story of the nomination unfolds, Nixon is at his crassest and most clever.
With what we now recognize as startling prescience, the twenty-three year-old author gave the smallest of the humans in the tale the gift of insight, the talent to find life and beauty in the crassest surroundings.
It generates the crassest kind of competition, cripples our cooperative instincts, and creates an endemic self-dislike because we've been taught to despise losers and there are so few winners.
The information that you (insert name, address, age, income, and social security number here) read both Newsweek and your daily horoscope; buy Haagen-Dazs[R] ice cream; travel annually to New Mexico; have a standing prescription for Prozac[R] and buy a variety of different OTC antacids as well as a number of different brands of lubricated condoms; have joined three different health clubs for short sojourns over the past two years; always order a salad in restaurants; never joined Weight Watchers[R] (and, in fact, have a 31" waist and a body mass index of 25); and give money to public television, is exceedingly valuable for the crassest of reasons: Anyone who has that information can sell it.
It is the crassest theological idiocy to believe that Africans, most of whom have received their undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate theological training in the West would ever succumb to a theological change of heart for a few lousy chicken dinners and alleged payoffs by certain American evangelical bishops.
The Beat scene was one where ethnic and subcultural styles were readily borrowed and experimented with, and consumed in the crassest sense of thoughtless appropriation.