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Though he's clearly referring to Podolski, who had recently committed suicide, one cannot but think of Bolano's own attacks against the crassest aspects of the literary world disseminated in his short-stories, novels and interviews.
but rather in the crassest terms of brute animal survival.
But, as Hauerwas points out, religious communities often seem only to rationalize and sanctify the crassest, most self-serving, and least reflective aspects of our culture (the widespread popularity of the prosperity gospel of such figures as Joel Osteen, for example).
Russia was 'an absolute despotism politically and the crassest form
It's a curious choice of word--a lie, actually--but revealing: the liberals feel the need to distance themselves from the crassest profiteers in their own privatization movement.
There are only a few days to go until the tackiest, crassest celebration of the year.
And yet, he is guilty here of the crassest form of political ignorance.
Shame the programme makers couldn't resist cutting to specious shots of doleful looking cattle or using the crassest of soundtracks, featuring Bad to the Bone and The Size of a Cow.
If you get a chance to watch this film, don't miss it: it is definitely one of the most powerful expositions of imperialist amorality in its crassest state that you can ever come across.
It's a question that's given rise to some of the greatest works of narrative art, as well as some of the crassest manifestations of popular culture, including most of today's so-called "Reality TV" shows: "What are you willing to do to achieve your goal?
THERE have been many candidates for the crassest political comment in recent times, but Lord Young has hit the front by quoting Mac-Millan's 'never had it so good' words (which were of questionable accuracy at the time).
In reality, it has taken the form of the crudest and crassest colonial exploitation.