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Since the Trudeau era, however, Canada has wholly surrendered itself to the crassly materialistic and egalitarian mentality of the welfare state, where all public debate is reduced to a kind of internal civil war over equality and rights .
Scornfully dismissing the PRC literary establishment and its Chinese Writers' Association as generally lacking in talent and frankness, Zhu Wen revels in portraying the seamy side of a crassly consumerist urban milieu in 199os China.
But at the same time we should continue to condemn the crassly stupid decision by the anonymous grey suits who decided to award the Rushdie knighthood at such a sensitive time in the release negotiations.
By attempting to minimize the role of this heroic journalist, the reaction of the Russian Federation authorities has been crassly inappropriate, said Mr.
We need to rekindle the religion of civic duty, and that is a hard job, but we should not make voting crassly commercial.
Here the past has been neither externally imitated nor crassly rejected but inwardly absorbed and recreated.
Nor is it the case, to take Harris' emotional (and rather crassly manipulative) example of the hideously sacrificed World Trade Center worker, that 9/11 unambiguously demonstrates the pure irreducible lethality of religious belief.
GE may be the acknowledged pioneer and biggest exploiter of the India opportunity, but is now just the leader of a stampede, according to Paul Davies, former managing director at Unisys India and author of the crassly entitled What's this India Business.
We're supposed to weep, but Mimi Leder's movie is so crassly manipulative that we run to the bathroom (even the filthiest toilet in Scotland will do) instead.
The furor of the age against symbolism suggests that the "age of ideology" really was, at bottom, the age of Destutt de Tracy's crassly materialist "ideology" which identified epistemology with physiology.
Another ASR type said, "Now the show is balancing the core with the crassly commercial.
1:The Manics once sneered at such crassly commercial enterprises and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for bending the knee to capitalism.