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Unless, that is, you happen to need a little help navigating the streets and sidewalks, in which nothing says "Get lost'' quite as crassly as the folks on Beacon Hill who are trying to block safety improvements.
But it's no quirky family namethe last three letters of the Israeli student's name were purposely tweaked by a classmate, and the crassly edited version made it all the way through the yearbook's editing and printing process, the San Jose Mercury News reports.
This is why we believe that the occupation crassly violates the rights of the academic community" the statement of Priziv says.
Having said that I cannot think of any kind of stunt more crassly stupid and it serves well to illustrate the complete incompetence of the civil service apparatchiks.
Last week it was Delon Armitage getting away with crassly mocking an opponent as he ran away to score the winning try for Toulon in the European Cup Final.
They tend to be lacking in empathy and crassly unaware of the distress they can cause others
R Clarkson Ormesby, Norfolk I WAS quite disgusted at the attitude of Jim Davidson, who crassly joked about his failed marriages when talking about the recent abuse allegations against him.
In their apparent attempt to 'religionise' Baumgartner's scientific achievement, such Islamists crassly ignore the fact that it was the outcome of years of diligence and teamwork " two values highly appreciated in Islam.
Meanwhile, sex-obsessed man-child Stifler (Seann William Scott) is up to his old tricks, hankering after one girl he crassly remembers as "the mouth that got away".
The Mancunian mauler got acquainted with both sides of the man known crassly as 'Money' in 2007, hit with verbal cheap shots in the build-up to their Las Vegas bout and then expertly taken apart in the ring.
Meanwhile, Stifler is up to his old tricks, hankering after one girl he crassly remembers as "the mouth that got away".
Local officials are respected and respectful, not crassly partisan, Gillespie said.