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CRAVEN. A word of obloquy, which in trials by battle, was pronounced by the vanquished; upon which judgment was rendered against him.

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was known not as the anti-war stalwart that he is today but as the congressional progenitor of the shameful "freedom fries" micro-moment, in which french fries were renamed in congressional cafeterias because America's oldest ally was seen as too cravenly pacifist to support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
But this measure is just what the antis are lobbying for in Europe and The United States, and now that the Australian government has cravenly capitulated, it is disturbing to think this might set a monkey-see-monkey do precedent around the rest of the world.
It is not that they are scared of death, nor that they are cravenly clinging to life.
If anything, their skepticism has only become worse with the loss of executive power, etched in the screeds of the conservative press, who regularly accuse the Rouhani administration of malfeasance and cravenly seeking the approval and acceptance of the enemy.
to us in dreams (and we cravenly gag or banish them,
Leading mainstream economists at the AEA meeting cravenly announced the errors of their former ways and advocated return to Keynesian economics.
Every writer would cravenly admit they would want to write their shows themselves," says Steven Moffat, the famed British scribe with a long list of credits, including "Coupling," "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock.
We artists dishonor our art by cravenly attempting to measure its worth by criteria borrowed from other domains like math or science, which we foolishly presume the culture honors more than the arts.
the ultra-Left ideologues, who demonstrably hate their own civilisation as much as any anti-western terrorist, it may be said that there is a great difference between the greater or lesser immoralities to which we are all susceptible, and cravenly lending oneself as blind instruments of social destruction.
Inevitably, Mark Carney, the supine, new governor of the Bank of England, cravenly gave in barely putting up a fight.
Paul Krugman fumed that Obama was cravenly trying to score political points by doing a "deficit peacock-strut" that would be destructive in the wake of the financial crisis.