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CRAVEN. A word of obloquy, which in trials by battle, was pronounced by the vanquished; upon which judgment was rendered against him.

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Any power they might possess they squander because they are happy cravenly to fall in line whenever a party whip barks.
She pleads so insistently for its return that they examine the pot (the testo), find the head, the testa (Segre 84-85), and cravenly sneak away.
Tom Bower's 2005 biography Gordon Brown showed a man uninterested in the practical details of his grand initiatives, contemptuous of Whitehall because it had cravenly co-operated with the Tories between 1979 and 1997, and, for want of any other recourse, reliant on the advice and cronies of the Labour Party's handful of rich businessmen, notably Geoffrey Robinson.
A cravenly observer whose reporting was skewed by partisan bias or who would shrink from the truth out of concern for his career would produce a book of little value.
It's easy to bash City's drunken-sailor spending (and we do) but let's not forget the way United cravenly capitulated to Wayne Rooney's 2010 tantrum and handed him pounds 220,000 a week.
Now that we are paying the bill for bail-outs and living with the consequences of the recession that followed the credit crunch, we should resolve to never again cravenly turn a blind eye to outrages on our doorstep.
Much of the anger of jockeys and those opposed to different aspects of the new whip rules is derived from the belief that the sport has cravenly caved in to a public that does not know what it is talking about.
Thus, although MacMaster quotes several times from 1774 correspondence by James Caldwell, an Ulster-born Presbyterian merchant in Philadelphia, he deigns to present the central passages in Caldwell's sole surviving letter, in which Caldwell proudly refers to himself and to all Hibernia-born supporters of the American Revolution as "Irish," and contrasts them with "Scots" immigrants who, he claimed, were cravenly loyal to the British Crown.
We create bogeymen of union thugs and welfare queens, and we cravenly hand off our debt to the future.
They would see OSU as a thoroughly politicized institution, eagerly complicit with or cravenly obedient to a vengeful congressman.
The main purpose is to slash the size of the state, a treasured Tory dogma which the Liberal Democrats are cravenly accepting.
And on March 1,2010, he wrote on his Web site, Truthdig, that "Obama lies as cravenly if not as crudely, as George W.