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CRAVEN. A word of obloquy, which in trials by battle, was pronounced by the vanquished; upon which judgment was rendered against him.

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is cravenly bowing to the frothing Brexiteer wing of her party to deliver a policy she can't bring herself to say she would vote for.
Surely it is a breach of human rights and rather ironic that following Brexit and clamour for repatriation of democracy from Europe, that we in this impoverished part of the North-east are being denied determination and true democracy by government - aided and abetted by our "leaders" cravenly succumbing to the lure of baubles and bending to diktat from distant Westminster?
Senate who didn't cravenly toady up to the power brokers, or who care about class issues, or who had the remotest concept of intersectionality--Trump appointees, including Betsy DaVos, Donald Trump's secretary of education, would never have been confirmed.
So, why do parents and elders cravenly allow filmmakers to put the blame mostly on them with nary a peep of protest emanating from their otherwise loquacious lips?
Politico called it an "act of defiance promises to be a defining moment in Cruz's political career" and reported that Texas delegate Shaun Ireland said it worked against party unity: "There was so much good feeling and unity at this convention for three days, and Ted Cruz just came in and cravenly threw it against a brick wall just so he could set himself up for 2020."
The ruling, though far from a final victory for the plaintiffs, at least allows the civil suit to go forward " no small feat considering the strong shield of immunity from liability that Congress cravenly enacted for the gun industry in 2005.
Again, he seems to be equating a futuristic view of the apocalypse with "outmoded ideas" of an afterlife: "Milton's formal experiments with the sonnet and Marvell's generic alterations of the encomium each seek to unseat the futural orientation of poetic forms designed to curry favor, even in cravenly mercenary [emphasis mine] or in sincere fashion.
Walter Jones (R-N.C.) was known not as the anti-war stalwart that he is today but as the congressional progenitor of the shameful "freedom fries" micro-moment, in which french fries were renamed in congressional cafeterias because America's oldest ally was seen as too cravenly pacifist to support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
But this measure is just what the antis are lobbying for in Europe and The United States, and now that the Australian government has cravenly capitulated, it is disturbing to think this might set a monkey-see-monkey do precedent around the rest of the world.
If anything, their skepticism has only become worse with the loss of executive power, etched in the screeds of the conservative press, who regularly accuse the Rouhani administration of malfeasance and cravenly seeking the approval and acceptance of the enemy.
to us in dreams (and we cravenly gag or banish them,