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And I like to think that the stronger one had words of kindness, support, and encouragement for the other, that he didn't lord his goodness over him, that he didn't look down on him, that he saw beneath the sniveling and cravenness to the human being who, in all essentials, was just like himself.
However, the author eventually, if perhaps inadvertently, gets to the explanation for the apparent cravenness of French policy.
That such an ordinance was even sought to be passed in the parliament is not surprising, given the cravenness of India's politicians.
But many outside academia were outraged not by Summers's original comments but his cravenness in the face of the PC juggernaut that followed.
However, one must recall, in mitigation of their occasional cravenness, that these were men (and one woman) being tried in camera for capital crimes.
And what was McCarthy's broad-brush smear approach compared to the cravenness of the American Establishment that watched China go communist and fired MacArthur "for insisting that America seek victory over Asian Communism"?
But that is only to highlight their moral cravenness.