craving for drink

See: dipsomania
References in classic literature ?
And when they had put away craving for drink and food, they started out with the lord Apollo, the son of Zeus, to lead them, holding a lyre in his hands, and playing sweetly as he stepped high and featly.
I just wanted to be a normal mum, but I had a craving for drink," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
And any craving for drink - the demon that nearly claimed his life - is quelled by pellets implanted in his stomach.
"It will help him accomplish his aim to completely stop the craving for drink.
The anonymous protagonist of Ardian Christian Kycyku's latest novel is constantly thirsty, craving for drink and whatever else the snowbound city has to offer.
"In the same way people feel hungry for food - those who are alcohol dependent feel a craving for drink.
His craving for drink was stronger than ever, and in 1984 he hit his lowest point.
The breakthrough followed earlier research, which showed that the drug could delete a stimulus in rats' brains if the animals had a craving for drink.
"He is determined that this will finally help him end his craving for drink."
"He's on special pills called Campral at the moment which are actually trying to calm his craving for drink. George is willing to take them because he finds it very very difficult to stop - anybody would really, wouldn't they?