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He rested wherever he fell, crawled on whenever the dying life in him flickered up and burned less dimly.
Soul and body walked or crawled side by side, yet apart, so slender was the thread that bound them.
That day he decreased the distance between him and the ship by three miles; the next day by two - for he was crawling now as Bill had crawled; and the end of the fifth day found the ship still seven miles away and him unable to make even a mile a day.
The caravan of children crawled back, with a swishing sound.
A 2-year-old boy was rescued in Alabama, USA, after getting stuck inside a claw machine when he crawled his way in to get a prize.
Moreover the previously crawled content should be restored after setup.
Next, put these URL into the queue of crawled URLs, analyze the URLs within it, then the other URLs, put them into the queue of to-be-crawled URLs, and start the next cycle.
We found that when they crawled on a horizontal surface, foot length was positively correlated with pedal wavelength and crawling speed, but was not correlated with wave frequency.
They crawled along until their way was barred by a wall.
(a) Percentage of adherent leukocytes that crawled: the number of adherent and then crawled leukocytes divided by the total number of adherent leukocytes (%).
The former US President said during a recent interview that he "crawled out of the swamp" and isn't headed back in.