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However, the craze has been condemned in Australia after Acton Beale, 20, died when he fell from a Brisbane flat balcony as he lay on railings.
It's fair to say a lot has happened to Craze since he first showed up at the catering department of the Hammersmith and West London College, in 2002.
The originators of the craze recalled that it started as a kitchen talk of doing the act outside Starbucks in Jesmond.
But as we also have reported, there's been a fightback, with people desperate to cash in on the craze and use it for good intentions.
I'm not defending a drinking craze, I don't even drink myself, but I am defending my son.
The craze caused controversy in Australia where police quizzed a man after a video showed him getting out of the boot of a car, "necking" a drink, then getting back in.
The transition probability is then obtained in association with the craze fibril breakdown model for CCG.
Statements in this press release relating to Wild Craze, Inc.
The Birmingham Mets uploaded their version of the craze to YouTube on Tuesday.
But she is now returning to her roots to bring Ripafit, the latest exercise craze to hit the UK, to Hebburn.
SOCK IT TO TESTICULAR CANCER WHILE most men now involved in the selfie craze have grabbed the make-up, a youthful section of participants have done something far less mainstream.
A CONTROVERSIAL drinking craze has been turned on its head by a Coventry man.