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Exploring the implications of what Cheryl wanted led us to discover that no one had connected the power of growth charts with the opportunity to get great deals on children's clothing by buying ahead of time," said Rob Lee, founder of Crazed Kitty Software.
Eventually he managed to flee from the crazed knifeman and was rushed to hospital for an emergency bowel operation.
THIS is the moment Gordon Ramsay really had something to swear about as a crazed chef threatens him with a knife.
He teams up with two other survivors: Tom, a middle-aged gay man, and Alice, a teenager who barely escaped her mother's crazed clutches.
WHEN THE MOST recent TV movie version of ``Helter Skelter'' came on, I commented to my wife that there was something morally questionable about exploiting the Tate/LaBianca murders committed by Charlie Manson's crazed followers without having the guts to show the horrible details of those thrill killings.
aren't] singularly crazed and incomprehensibly vicious masterminds of evil" He omits bin Laden's own words that condemn him as a crazed zealot whose view of the cause of Mideast malaise ignores reality and is warped by monotheistic fanaticism (which Buell conveniently downplays since he is addressing Humanists).
The residual mechanical properties of crazed polycarbonate were then correlated to the crazing stress, relative craze density and strain rate.
jpg ) *(Photo Caption: The G-Man and cover of CRAZED + DAZED album.
My wife, for one, is quite certain a wild, crazed bear will get us.
The Design of Experiments (DOE) approach was used to build quantitative empirical models of the residual mechanical properties of crazed polycarbonate as functions of relative craze density, crazing stress, and strain rate.
Violet's a 25-year-old Jewish virgin with a crazed mother, who wants to join the INS strictly to dispense moral justice.
Hockings and Task have separately attempted to quantify the damage on a crazed surface by detecting the amount of a directional test light reflected by the craze openings [8, 9].