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PARENTS are being warned about the latest playground craze after a boy nearly died.
A WORRIED mum has warned parents to beware of a terrifying hanging craze that is sweeping schools.
A Craze is an event which connects the user's social media world through time and space.
Different from ABS-S, a lot of crazes and rubber particle cavitation can be found in ABS-L shown in Fig.
London, Nov 21 (ANI): With a short top, front and sides and flowing mane at the back, mullet was a rage in the Eighties, however, now the hairstyle has been voted as the 'most cringeworthy craze of all time'.
Fearne introduces old pop videos and showcases the hits that inspired the crazes, with performances from soul diva Jocelyn Brown, Wigfield, Britain's Got Talent runners-up Signature, Jimmy Osmond, Claire Richards from Steps, and the cast from Grease.
Dozens of leftovers have been offered for sale since Christmas, making it one of the newest crazes of 2006.
I think that scoubis, like all the best crazes, have been around in some form for years.
A LETHAL drugs craze which has killed five children in the US could be copied by youngsters in the UK, parents were last night warned.
The gin craze that swept through the city resulted in such demagoguery, prohibition, rioting, and morning-after headaches that author Patrick Dillon aptly dubs it "the crack epidemic of the 18th century.
Crazes come and go but this one has taken on such proportions that in America the addictive Pokemon phenomenon has been dubbed 'Kiddie Crack'.