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That being said, how can preppers be listed as "crazies?" We are only doing what not only is purely instinctual (ancestors) but what our own governments have asked us to do.
The rejection of traditional patchwork patterns is the most obvious feature of Crazies but over time additional features would come and go.
Citing some of the events during the gayrights march, McLaughlin derisively noted that, once again, "the crazies were seizing the spotlight." Nina Totenberg said Clinton was distancing himself from the march because it would no doubt be the occasion for "the kind of behavior that |normal' people find very disgusting." And, in an especially irresponsible and grotesque programming choice, This Week with David Brinkley featured an interview with a valiant Randy Shilts, who is fighting for his life, and then chose William Bennett to represent "the other side." Bennett characterized homosexuality as "an impulse" which simply requires "self-control," but he also sought to medicalize homosexuality by equating it with death and disease.