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It's been the craziest one ever and being at the end of that crazy campaign now is something unbelievable."
But it merely ignited another fightback from the visitors and Coventry thought they had snatched the craziest of wins when flanker Ben Nutley crossed in the 82nd minute.
Perhaps one of the craziest (and most unsafe) bridges you are ever likely to see, the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan is not for the faint-hearted.
What may be the craziest part of the list of nine wacky charges is that six of them were actually approved as legitimate business expenses.
Whats your craziest memory involving one of the below drinks?
The craziest and most rewarding thing is having a baby.
parachute craziest of become McClusky Explaining the four-year wait for a follow-up, McCluskey said: "It takes time to write a good selection of songs which, when you dip your bucket into the well of creativity don't come up and make you say 'no, we've done this before.'.
The Easypay Online Shopping Gala has gotten 5x hotter, becoming the craziest sale on the internet.
One inspector described the state of the flat as 'disgusting' and added: "It was the craziest thing I have ever seen."
It's a double hit of talent this week, but while The X Factor corners the market in singing sensations, this new show will win the competition for craziest contestants.
A looming Brexit has sent markets into the "craziest, fastest moving betting scene" in years, with volatility levels being extremely high.