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When the joker appears With mouthfuls of shadows and smoke Crazily waving his self-import in my face Like flags waving front suburban homes As if to cover the hate crimes of this country When he yells to idle my mind Spewing out vortexes in tongues Filled with false virtues Like commercials that mask The plunder of impoverished lives The enslavement of darker skin The raping of female years I know the joker is oblivious That his time steadily dwindles Like any man's life That a pine box A crematorium await him Just as they await me That he does not know My silence is an impenetrable shield
The McSweeney's crew, spearheaded by the novelist/ screenwriter Dave Eggers, live to execute and defend crazily elaborate efforts of print-based love.
Crazily tilted San Francisco streets, pastel-frosted layer cakes, that slanting California light--Wayne Thiebaud's canvases are the stuff of happiness ...
Olympic champion Sammy Wanjiru improved on his second placing of 12 months ago to win the men's title in a course record and personal best of 2hr 5min 10sec after a crazily fast start aimed at breaking Haile Gebrselassie's world record..
He took the snap, the players started running crazily around, and Doug, calmly (as we recall) circled back a little, buying time and waiting for a receiver to get open, let fly.
Well, he's crazily successful and is touring his Swan Lake in the U.S.
The book opens with Reena as a guard at the Met (pointedly someone whose job it is to watch and not be watched), a mere fragment of the glassy downtown world "competing crazily for attention, drugs, jobs, beauty." She is then discovered at a nightclub by a legendary image-maker named Maris Parings, who hires her to model for an underwear campaign.
crazily made by the hungry eyes of alligators and snakes.
It purports< to be the record by "Those of Us Who Have Been Allowed to Remember" of the Super Flat Times, "years that did not seem to pass so much as inflate crazily to the bursting point, break, and collapse, withered and damp, only to be replaced by another weepy, indistinguishable abrasion." Each of the pieces here chronicles the disjointed memories and experiences of both soldiers and civilians through a period of increasingly absurd hardship.
The most difficult part of writing a column is to express a strong opinion which is what you're being paid for, after all without becoming crazily unfair.
With the economy spiralling crazily out of control, a month from now wage demands of 20,000% could be commonplace.
Crazily enough, Hindo could be right in the long rim.