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As a lawyer, I have a modest knowledge on the basics of law, with a notion that it should be followed to its core, getting out of touch with my craziness in the process.
But I also thought that as the year came to a close, it would finally get a respite from all the craziness, at least during the holidays.
In the videos, Choocha is doing something really weird and bizarre, whereas Hunny goes wild with his moves along with Lali, who has reached a new level of craziness.
The comments appeared to shock Caracas, with Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino calling the threat "an act of craziness."
"Friends would say to me my craziness is funny to watch ERIN McGREGOR DUBLIN YESTERDAY
COST OF CRAZINESS: Fair entrance PS4 adults, PS2 children, family ticket PS10.
"She is one of the only people in the world who tells me the truth if something looks hideous" Actress Eva Longoria on Victoria Beckham "First the EU came for your vacuum cleaner, then your oven, and now, in a new bout of craziness, your oven gloves.
Walk off the turkey and de-stress from the craziness of the festive period with a group walk around one of the childhood haunts of JRR Tolkien.
"Wild animals are not pets and this craziness must stop," stressed Dr Al Muhannadi.
While Poyet says it was a 'moment of craziness' he insists it does not come close to his most embarrassing moment in football - Sunderland's 8-0 humiliation at Southampton in October.
It is a freewheeling satire that pokes fun at the ego-based craziness at the heart of Tinseltown.
Debauchery is not measured by the craziness of the performers, but by the craziness of the crowd.