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Since the crazing occurred at temperatures in which the tensile property was brittle, the ductile-to-brittle transition by elevated temperature demonstrated in Figs.
Crack propagation type DCG CCG Material parameter A 1.63 x [10.sup.-7] 1.33 x [10.sup.-7] Crack propagation exponent n 4.16 2.06 Transition effective stress 0.908 intensity factor [DELTA] [][MPa[square root of m]] Fracture toughness [K.sub.c] 0.301 [MPa[square root of m]] Crazing stress [[sigma].sub.
In the case of PE materials, it has previously been reported that while thermal history can influence crazing and SCG resistance, performance is primarily governed by the molecular weight and comonomer distributions of raw materials [19].
By the time the peak load was attained, the 10% LBA ratio specimen showed the onset of multiple crazing. Likewise, a multiple craze structure was observed in the 30% LBA ratio specimen.
Given that the structural properties of the materials were not varied, the transition from crazing to shear therefore appears to depend on the state of the constraint.
Crazing is even more prominent as polymers find their way into applications where they are replacing metals.
One of the most common causes for replacement of military aircraft transparencies is crazing, which is the formation of fibrillated crack-like defects in the presence of tensile stress.
In this paper, based on the model of crazing with the presence of damage at a crack tip for polymers [12, 13], time-dependence of both craze-tip advance and thickening profile at the crack tip under creep is considered.
Previously, a wide variety of techniques have been employed to study crazing behavior in polymers.
Crazing deformation and shear yield deformation are well known as the main mechanisms absorbing the destruction energy of a polymer alloy.
The toughening mechanism investigation shows that a widespread crazing zone is generated in the crack tip damage zone.