cream of society

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In the left corner of the ballroom she saw the cream of society gathered together.
Business administration and commerce also became fashionable disciplines for the money they fetched, and were coveted by the cream of society.
She is best known as the formidable producer of ostentatious events and private pool parties since 2007 for the cream of society in five star resorts, casinos and other well-known luxury venues.
Depression seems to be a common affair for all from the upper cream of society to the lower, including celebrities.
He shared that plan was under way to increase number of community committees at village level and constitute a district level committee with cream of society to keep vigilant eyes in child related issues and violation of rights with the core aim of making sure right of every child sure everywhere.
The Grand Opening Night witnessed the cream of society being present for the event.
The ongoing clash does not serve national interests, but presents a negative image of the mentality of the cream of society. This country is in need of more than one Zewail city so why not hammer out a solution to allow both projects to function independently especially given that Zewail's institution is still in the making.
For centuries, the Ascot race meeting has been one of Britain's premier social occasions, patronised by royalty and attended by the cream of society in all their finery.
Going back to the Washington trip, what an enlightening experience it was to attend a dinner at the Metropolitan Club with both think-tank intellectuals and the cream of society - including a law professor, representatives of Time magazine and Fox News, alongside many other leading figures.
Boasting what are thought to be some of the world's largest duplex hotel suites in the shape of its 1,062-sq-m Premier Duplex Sky Villas, complete with Jacuzzis in the clouds on the 61st and 62nd floors, the Kempinski Residences & Suites Doha has set out to make a name for itself among the cream of society in Qatar and the wider Gulf as the lifestyle living address.
In fact, the higher up the scale you go, money seems to matter little to the so-called cream of society, officials either hand it out like sweeties, people steal it and do not get punished, national organisations seem to lose track of it.
MacMullen furthermore argues that most of the Christians meeting in the churches were wealthy notables, "the cream of society" (p.