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01 - while the girls' team Revolution creamed off a pounds 143.
A DIVORCEE creamed off thousands of pounds in benefits after claiming payments from her exhusband were for the upkeep of three cats.
The firms have creamed off pounds 236million from nations where people live on 50p a day, says the World Bank.
She will tell Unison's health workers conference in Brighton, which opens today: "The Labour Government has invested heavily in the NHS, but the real benefits are felt by the private companies, accountants, consultants, lawyers, and shareholders who have creamed off an exorbitant pounds 25 billion from the NHS.
Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes commented: "It is in taxpayers' interests to ensure that money for public services is not creamed off for other - commercial - purposes.
F Woodbridge is unhappy with encroaching professionalism AS I write this letter, we are a week into hunter chasing and, so far, one top trainer has creamed off three out of the five races.
The Communication Workers Union attacked the move as ``vandalism'' and said postal services would not improve if private firms creamed off Royal Mail's profits.