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In frostings and icings, PrimaCel delivers exceptional body and creaminess, enhances stability at high temperatures, and thickens non-aqueous and low water content systems.
Chocolate Creaminess uses only natural ingredients and one% fat milk, making it perfect for kids but great for the whole family.
The result yields a fat-free dressing with the mouthfeel, creaminess, and opacity characteristic of traditional high-fat dressings.
The first challenge is aeration optimisation in the freezing process: by adding Sherex Enlite, the creaminess of the texture is retained and there is good aeration, fine and stable air cells and controlled ice crystal growth, creating a creamy and indulgent mouthfeel overall.
ETENIA, a highly functional potato starch product, is added to replace up to 30 per cent of fat content in cakes, while still retaining the creaminess and rich mouthfeel of their full-fat counterparts.
Rebalance 001 maintains creaminess in formulations while reducing carbohydrates by 34%, sugar by 74% and fat by 33% against reference samples.
The multi-faceted needs pose a variety of challenges, not least in finding cost-effective solutions to add creaminess and mouthfeel but not pushing up the calorie and high fat count.
National Starch is promising manufacturers exceptional creaminess and mouthfeel in dairy desserts, fillings, sauces and instant puddings.
Cremodan gives improved stability and meltdown, aids air incorporation, imparts creaminess, improves dry extrusion and gives improved storage and distribution stability.
Stirred in right at the end, the hummus adds body without disrupting the creaminess we crave.
It also makes us think this is something worth trying in our own local kinilaw recipes, where you balance heat with a touch of creaminess.