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Coun Ian Ward (Lab) urged residents to be vigilant, saying a scam originating from Belize was creaming off cash from householders who believed they had parcels to collect.
NFU dairy board vice chairman Mansel Raymond said: "While this price rise is good news, most of the extra profit afforded from cream will line processors' pockets ( they are literally creaming off the extra cash.
But he was soon creaming off cash and transferring shares without my knowledge.
The coalition countries' proposals to run Iraq for up to a year and control its potentially vast oil revenues is not a blueprint for creaming off funds to pay for the war, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has pledged.
It also notes that after creaming off the most motivated students and parents to the voucher schools, the students left behind in public schools may be marginally worse off.
It is time for the powers that be to wake up to reality and to see common sense, instead of creaming off all of the major facilities for the so called capital city.
Mr Fairburn said: "The report shows that the city council is creaming off over 28 per cent of the total education budget for Coventry.
And who said it's the players who are creaming off the big money these days?
In all, Lai allowed more than pounds 95,000 to pass through his account, creaming off a 10% profit.
DAIRY group Robert Wiseman said they were creaming off higher profits than expected thanks to the collapse of a rival.