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It just burst out because all at once I couldn't help remembering that last big potato you ate and the way your mouth stretched when you bit through that thick lovely crust with jam and clotted cream on it.
While you can try your hand at homemade ice creams if you have time, it's really not necessary, as there are plenty of high-quality premium ice creams available in an array of interesting flavors that you couldn't buy five years ago, says Ferreira.
Put out a sundae bar - and let guests make their own concoctions and help themselves to assorted homemade sauces, ice creams and sprinkles such as chopped nuts, chopped dried fruits, shredded coconut, colored sprinkles, chopped assorted candies (or individual ones like M&M's or yogurt covered nuts) and such.
Although it's considered super premium ice cream by industry standards due to its 16 percent butterfat content (that's the minimum for the designation), it doesn't taste overly rich.
For a quicker option, consider a refreshing trifle layered with store- bought pound cake, homemade custard and fresh berries and whipped cream or some easy bar cookies layered with a chocolate crumb crust, a peanut butter and cream cheese mixture and topped with a chocolate glaze.
There's something decadent and luxurious about caramel - especially when the sauce is drizzled over ice cream, bread pudding, cake, fruit slices and pie, turning it into something outrageously delicious.
Although the dessert was made in a loaf pan for the photograph, it's feasible to assemble in a springform pan, says Yard, in which case you'll need to line the pan bottom with cake slices and then top with layers of sorbets/ice creams.