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For CNAs, it is a commitment to effectively using a facility's resources to create the best possible environment for residents--a commitment, in short, to change.
When you use the first two methods, Excel automatically creates absolute cell references--as shown by the dollar signs in the linked cell notation ($D$9).
Zazzle is the meeting of the world's imagination and on-demand manufacturing -- enabling consumers to create, share and celebrate their interests and passions by providing high quality customization of apparel, posters, mugs, cards, U.S.
Then create shortcut versions to place on the MSD desktop.
To the east, the basement auditorium roof creates a raised terrace that, accessible from the gallery, overlooks the rear gardens of terraced houses adjacent to the site.
Insulated concrete form (ICF) construction uses foam blocks to create a form into which concrete is poured.
By volunteering and donating funds to create an innovative public charter school, we are actively supporting the public schools.
The LOGPARS knowledge base is the set of logistics support questions and expert knowledge procedures that create the specific logistics and acquisition planning documents.
Thus, firms are attempting to create a mortality arbitrage wherein life insurance companies will issue policies on a standard basis that the investment firms believe to be substandard from a mortality standpoint.
Noyce had a sensitivity to work culture uncommon to engineers, and he set out consciously to create a climate that maximized productivity.
Let's create a cut-paper collage portrait out of colorful construction paper using simple bold shapes.