create disorder

See: disrupt
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I want to address to the residents of the Koi-Tash village, there is no need to create disorder in the country, to protect Atambayev.
He said any move of no-confidence would just create disorder and chaos in the Senate.
Additionally, the majority of Indonesians accepted the results of the elections while a splinter group wants to create disorder because they weren't able to win the elections, the ambassador noted.
Farhan said: "Some people think that Mosques create disorder and that Muslims are taught hate towards non-Muslims in Mosques, but this is completely false.
"Kung may katiting kayong kaguluhan na gagawin dito, huhulihin kayo (If you create disorder [during the distribution], you will be arrested)," said Senior Supt.
The measures are to ensure that no one can create disorder and disrupt balloting," he said.
During a reviewing session of country's customs problems, the first VP stated that the enemies would want to create disorder in Iran's foreign trade.
How is it possible that they arrive here and, if they want, create disorder?" the mayor said.
The President said that we will have to prepare our youth to fight Fifth Generation Warfare imposed on us to create disorder and hopelessness in the society and the negative campaign of such kind can be countered by media better.
They used both legal authority and extralegal power to monitor, constrain, and control poor whites lest they create disorder, fight back politically, or even forge alliances across racial lines that could threaten slavery itself.
Sometimes these create disorder akin to a wild bull in the china shop.
With the creation of oxygen vacancies, some of the hexavalent uranium ions are reduced to pentavalent uranium, hence you create disorder in the cation sublattice with the possibility of short-range ordering of the uranium 5+ cations, explained Zhang.